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Welcome to our small cattery!


Bekmørtnans came to life a dark and windy January morning. We feel the name describes a dark blue, almost black velvet darkness. Our cattery name was registered in January 2007. Despite the fact that we a living in Norway, we have chosen to be members in a Danish cat club

We want to breed healthy, good-looking balinese and oriental longhairs. Since the gene pool of those two beautiful longhair breeds are not as broad as it should be, we work for a better diversity by using both siamese, siamese variants, oriental shorthair and oriental shorthair variants. That`s the reason we`ll have both siamese variants and oriental short hair variants for sale in addition to balinese and oriental longhairs.

Our main goal is to bring forth healthy and strong cats, both mentally and physically. The cats we do not know the PRA-status of, will be DNA-tested. PRA is a hereditary desease that causes blindness. Our next goal for our breeding is the look of our kittens, we want them to be as close as possible to the standard for oriental cats in our organization Felis Danica which is a member of FIFe (Fédération International Féline). We are not aiming for extreme cats, but beautifull and well balanced cats with excellent temper

Please send us an email if you have any questions, we promise to answer you as soon as we can!